Welcome to The Bridge Studio, a classic, large-format big room, analog and digital recording studio and production facility nestled in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Speakers Used: Legacy Focus

This custom-built space features Protools HD 32 I/O, 2 inch Studer 24-track analog tape machine, a fully restored Harrison 4032c analog recording console, Hammond Organ w/ Leslie, Baby Grand & upright pianos, and much more. The Bridge Studio also boasts a 900 square foot tracking room with 15 foot ceilings, vocal booth, and drum booth/production room.

For 7 years before The Bridge, owner Amon ran the analog-meets-digital studio, "The Hook," which was home to many GRAMMY-award winning and touring artists who were looking for a warm sound and musical haven.

When given the opportunity to custom build a new facility, Amon designed the 2,400 sq ft space meticulously for sound and vibe, with Legacy Focus speakers at the helm.

"As we were dreaming up The Bridge Studio, one could say I literally designed the tracking room around these Legacy speakers--they play a big part in our video shoots, live band performances, orchestral groups, corporate events and listening parties where we play records and music through our McIntosh gear and Legacy speakers. I truly love these speakers." - Amon

The Bridge not only can comfortably record an orchestra or large horn section, but it can host high-end listening parties, video shoots, live performances, and more due to its versatile design for quality media.

To learn more about The Bridge Studio and the artists they work with, you can visit their website here, their Facebook page here or their Instagram account here.

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