Welcome to Sweetsounds Studio NYC, a luxury state-of-the-art recording studio in Soho, Manhattan. With a client list ranging from The National Geographic and The Guggenheim Museum to Hank Schocklee, and Hip-hop legends Talib Kweli, Wocka Flocka Flame, M.O.P, EDM artists Zeds Dead, Mimosa, and Danny Tenaglia, the engineers and producers at Sweetsounds work on a wide variety of quality recordings.

"These are the best sounding speakers we have ever heard!" - Sweetsounds Studio, NYC

When it came time to picking main speakers (the most integral and detailed part of a monitoring system) Sweetsounds needed the absolute best speakers to allow their producers and engineers to hear their music like never before. They chose Legacy Audio. Twice.

The Legacy Audio Focus SE are the main speakers in Studio A. The system includes four 12” woofers for deep and powerful bass down to 18 Hz, coupled with high resolution 7” midwoofers and the Legacy Dual AMT System for detailed and revealing mids and highs. Recording engineers will notice a who’s who list of premium equipment from the Rupert Neve 5088 Console, to SSL, API and Neumann.

“You probably have already seen our epic Legacy Focus SE speakers. They’re the only choice of music icons Rick Rubin and L.A. Reid and we understand why. The crystal clear clarity of these speakers bring a whole new light to the music and our clients are loving the new sound.”

Studio B features the Legacy Audio Classic HD main speakers (shown above) “flown” in the studio. Recording engineers will find other premium gear from Moog, Manley, Universal Audio and more.

Whether it’s today’s top recording artists, or The Guggenheim Museum, the producers, engineers and recording artists of Sweetsounds Studio NYC use their Legacy Audio speakers to ensure the highest quality results for the world to listen to.

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