The Utopia A ballroom at the Renaissance Schaumburg was once again filled with Legacy systems for AXPONA 2019. For the first time, all systems were powered completely by Legacy Audio amplification either internally within the speakers or externally via the Legacy Powerbloc2 or Powerbloc4 amplifiers.

“Legacy speakers really sing with ample power, and Legacy’s line of Powerbloc amplifiers provide that by the barrel full. Speed and openness on the top end was the name of the game. The overall sound all seemed to be more in balance with the detail found in the low-end frequencies.” - Eric F. Shook,

“These specimens are Class D amps using the latest modules and use microprocessors to watch every note and maintain stability, resulting in a very natural and easy listen.” Paul Elliott,

Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland stopped by to discuss the main V system, Powerbloc2 amplifier and the Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover/Correction unit with James of Legacy. Watch the short video here to learn about how Legacy is creating a more direct path to your ears.


“Sounds fabulous. That’s a pretty innovative way of connecting and shortening the audio chain.” – Thomas Mulready, Cool Cleveland

In addition to the V system, Legacy also brought along the award-winning Aeris, Focus SE and Signature SE systems as well as the Calibre XD powered monitors and the Studio HD bookshelf speakers. For the home theater lovers, the Foundation subwoofer, Silhouette & Pixel on-walls were also on display.

“Big live sound productions, seemed exactly that---live. With power and the ability to use it, the all Legacy systems filled the large exhibit space better than ever. Having only once heard these large Legacy speakers in a smaller room, while down at the Florida Audio Expo back in February, the chameleon like ability for them to play any size venue astounds me.” - Eric Franklin Shook,

AXPONA show-goers were also treated to a few “flash DJ Sessions” with David Solomon of Qobuz, the new high-res streaming service now available in the U.S.

“As luck would have it, I was in the room when Dave Solomon of Qobuz came in for a demonstration. Dave played us some tracks. The first was Illinois Jacquet, Harlem Nocturne. A 1959 mono recording that blew me away. It sounded so clean. The next was an Agnes Obel tracks from the Aventine album titled The Curse. This was equally spellbinding, as if she was in the room singing in my ear.” – Paul Elliot,

Photo credit: Paul Elliot

Thank you to those who visited with us, especially those who battled the snow on Sunday! We hope you enjoyed the sound as we received many great comments from our visitors. Speaking with you about your systems made the show a lot of fun for us!

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