"Easy to love system" I scribbled as the Legacy Audio's Wavelet 2 DSP DAC/preamplifier ($7,950), which now runs a 64-bit DSP environment and offers a robust USB connection, helped generate fine sound through Legacy's Aeris loudspeakers” – writes Jason Victor Serinus, of Stereophile.

At Pacific Audiofest, the Aeris were able to overcome hotel room acoustics, and thanks to the new Wavelet 2 processor, they delivered incredible performance, without assistance from any bass trap room treatments or diffusion.

“The sound was here, now, and excellent. Diana Krall's "Let’s Fall in Love" was bright, lovely, clean, colorful, and fully detailed.”

The system “nailed the growling bottom notes of the organ in the classic early-digital Dorian recording of Pictures at an Exhibition.”

Legacy Aeris and Wavelet 2 are also The Absolute Sound’s 2022 Editors’ Choice and Golden Ear Award Winners.

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