“The Studio HD’s are a two-way loudspeaker with ample construction to say the least, an 8-inch mid-woofer, and a sparkling AMT driver. Digging deep into the bass notes was everything I like about the Studio HD’s- bass was taught and punchy."

"The Treble and Mid-Range frequencies were extended, smooth, and delicate when and where needed..."

"Overall, a dazzling pairing.”

-Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile

"It pleases me beyond words when modestly priced audio components overperform immodestly."

"Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dealer Now Listen Here (‘A Tenacious Sound Store’) put on a spectacularly immodest, mind-expanding demo, using only humble components. Picture a big atrium room with a pair of $1795/pair Legacy Audio Studio HD loudspeakers..." "This little rig sounded refined, big, powerful, extroverted."

"Very impressive. This system really caught me by surprise."

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