Gene DellaSala of Audioholics met up with Legacy Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo to discuss the new Legacy i·V amplifier series.

“Legacy Audio dropped the gauntlet down with their new 600wpc i·V 7 channel & 8 channel Class D amplifiers at the 2020 Florida Expo show."

“Armed with the latest ICEpower® high power modules and independent power supplies and lots of heat sink area gives us little reason to doubt Legacy’s claim that these are the most powerful home theater amplifiers in consumer audio to date.”

"This is the future of amplification."


“The fact that Legacy uses these amplifiers in their $80k flagship VALOR speaker system gives a good indication of amount of performance and power this platform offers.”

“I’ve already listened to this amplifier on the VALOR speakers, which was amazing! One of the best experiences, audio wise, I’ve had in my life. We also just heard them on the Focus SEs. It’s a great sounding and great looking amplifier.”

“I’m really impressed with the form factor, it’s a beautiful chassis. These guys produce real product. Very well engineered stuff.”


Learn more about the Legacy i·V amplifier series here: Amplifiers for the Future of High Performance Audio

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