With 5 setups in tow, Legacy showcased an array of speakers & finishes at this year’s AXPONA show at the Renaissance Schaumburg. Show-goers were able to hear first-hand the revolutionary Stereo Unfold Technology.

Standing tall along the back wall of the Utopia A ballroom was the new VALOR flagship system.

“Few speakers could sound at once as dynamic and intimate in this space as the Legacy VALORs. I score the Legacy VALORS A+, Summa Cum Laude! Legacy Audio’s VALOR speakers are an impressive achievement that deserves evaluation by all serious audiophiles.” - Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater

“A digital file of McCoy Tyner’s “If I Were a Bell” from Land of Giants had powerful snap on upright bass strings—and quick transient attacks overall—as well as substantial low end. Imaging and timbre on piano and xylophone registered as quite natural-sounding.” - Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound

“These technologically advanced and highly unique speakers are supported by Legacy’s Wavelet DAC/Preamp/with speaker correction, a very unique DSP correction device...it was an impressive musical experience. I was so in awe of the scale of the performance that I really would love to hear these speakers again to get a proper sense of what they can do.”- Matthew Poes, AV Nirvana

“The clarity of the treble and midrange, impact of the midbass, and tightness and natural tone and resolution of the deep bass is intoxicating.”- @TuteTibilmperes, AVS Forum

Legacy’s VALOR system received a Gold Show Award for Best Sound from AVShowrooms.

Upon entering the room, show-goers were greeted by the Aeris system in a warm Walnut finish.

“Driven by Raven Audio tube amplification, the Aeris were producing the big, open, and uncompressed sound that Legacy is known for. With the large midrange drivers of the AERIS, male vocals in the baritone range are incredible.” @Mtrot, AVS Forum

“The Aeris sounds very open, natural, and unstressed. There’s a nice rich chesty tone to it with a solid midbass punch and even some nice deep bass going on. It’s an impressive speaker.” @TuteTibilmperes, AVS Forum

Not to be overlooked were the sleek & compact Calibre monitors, in an all Black Pearl finish.

“This was a small system that could truly rock.” - Jack Roberts, TheAudioBeatnik

The ever popular Focus SE were showcased for the first time in the beautiful Cabernet Sapele Pommele finish.

“The Legacy speakers all had beautiful wood finishes, and the finish quality was nearly jewel like.”- Matthew Poes, AVNirvana

“The Focus SE’s sounded like Heaven on earth.”- Davespectral, Audiogon

“Audiophile favorites like Diana Krall rang out true to form, proceeded by a stalwart salute to Steve Ray Vaughn. Both showed off the finesse and dynamics of the speakers. The final track was Jace Everett’s Bad Things which provided a lifelike statement for the lower, more raspy male vocal range.”- Brian Hunter, Audiohead.com

Also on hand were the Signature SE towers, Silhouette on-walls, Studio HD bookshelf speakers, and even a Metro XD subwoofer to hear by request.

“Legacy has embraced the future with active drivers and room correction with their amazing Wavelet processor. Beautiful cabinets, big rich sound with a nice full lower midrange and midbass that made male vocals sound very fulfilling, truly deep bass, dynamic slam, open clear treble without harshness, just great sound all the way around.” @Tutetibiimperes, Audiogon

Thank you to all who visited. We hope you enjoyed the sound!

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