The Legacy Wavelet received a 2018 Product of the Year Award from The Absolute Sound.

“Wavelet makes a striking improvement in the clarity of the music and soundstage. Once you do switch the correction on, you may be surprised by the most immediate difference…you are almost certain to hear more deep bass and more bass detail at every frequency.”

- Anthony Cordesman, TAS Sept 2018

Wavelet has also received the 2018 Golden Ear Award, and distinguished as “An Absolute No-Brainer: Highly & Unreservedly Recommended.”

"The DAC in the Wavelet is competitive with the best DACs available, the room correction is better (IMO) than all others I’ve heard, and the digital preamp, crossover and equalization features are of the highest order. The Legacy Wavelet led me on an entirely different path that has upped my listening enjoyment. Highly and unreservedly recommended, even for those who have extremely high-end components. The Wavelet is greater than the sum of its parts." - Ed Momkus, Dagogo

Legacy speaker systems and amplifiers have also been named the 2018 Recommended Speaker by Stereophile, called "A Magnificent Masterpiece" and "The Best Value in High End Audio."

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