Thanks to all who visited us at the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver! This year, show-goers experienced four full system setups paired with Raven Audio amplification as well as a special showcase of Legacy home theater products in Evergreen Ballroom A.

The Legacy Focus SE, a longtime recording studio reference standard, was presented in the exotic high gloss Cabernet finish powered by Raven Shaman monoblock amplifiers.

“As soon as I walked by the room, I noticed something different (and good) about the bottom end- it was full and powerful, but also very balanced and even, something unheard of at a show or most living rooms for that matter.”

The Audiophile Weekend Warrior

"Bass was quick and solid, high dynamic extension was smooth and uncolored. Mid-range tone was where the system really shines. Guitars and vocals have a ring to them that regardless of how many times I hear a Legacy system, I am pleasantly suprised by it."

E. Shook, Part Time Audiophile

“Legacy Focus SE speakers, driven by Raven electronics, impressed me with their fantastic imaging.”

Austinpop, Computer Audiophile

The V system was on display in premium Rosewood/Black Pearl finish and included the Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Room Correction.. Throughout the weekend, Chief Designer Bill Dudleston toggled the room correction on/off, demonstrating the before and after difference- the advantages of the Wavelet system were clearly audible and allowed the system to overcome the common room issues of reflections, reverberations and resonances.

“Legacy loudspeakers have defined American design and lineage for several decades, but when the most recent years have gifted us the pairing of Legacy and Raven Audio tube electronics, we’ve entered an era where Legacy sound and performance value now have to be considered legendary.”

“Consistently one of the best exhibits in my audio show memory, a Legacy and Raven exhibit room by itself would still be worth the cost of admission.”

E. Shook, Part Time Audiophile

The Legacy Aeris was shown in a Walnut and Black Pearl finish, alongside the Wavelet and powered by Raven Audio Shaman Monoblock Amps. The Calibre XD, a 5 driver system with 500 watts of internal power, was displayed in the exotic Cabernet and Black Pearl finish, biamped with the Raven Shadow MK2 amplifier powering the top end.

"The Aeris sytem, as usual, was making beautiful, open sounding music."

Mtrot, AVS Forum

“I found the Legacy Audio room sounded fantastic (Signature SE, Focus SE, and Aeris). Actually I was so impressed that I went and bought the set of Aeris speakers with Wavelet processor.”

Geek101, Audiogon

A final system alternated between the Legacy Signature SE and the 2018 Recommended Component, Studio HD, both in Rosewood finish, powered by the Raven Nighthawk MK3 amplifier.

“As mentioned Legacy had a great display and I got some good information from Bill Dudleston and hope to get a chance to further investigate his Signature and Focus lines. Some of the best looking cabinets at the show as a bonus to the sound.”

Theo, Audiogon

Chief Engineer, Bill Dudleston, also previewed the new Legacy Wavebar that packs 6 drivers into a horizontal bar with internal amplification- perfect for placement on a mantel or wall, underneath the television.

"Legacy also demonstrated a brand new speaker designed to be used below a TV. It is a serious speaker unit, and produced some excellent sound, along with a Legacy subwoofer."

Mtrot, AVS Forum

Show-goers could also demo the Silhouette, Pixel, Deco or Phantom HD on-wall surrounds, all of which can be easily hung on the wall with an included French cleat bracket. They take up no floor space while providing the imaging and performance audiophiles expect from Legacy floorstanding speakers.

For those looking to enhance their home theater setups, the newly updated Marquis XD center channel and the Foundation & Metro XD subwoofers were also on hand for audition.

See you back in Denver at the new RMAF location next September !

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