Legacy's i·V 7 Multi-Channel Amplifier has been awarded a Best of 2021 distinction, the "Thumbs Up" Award for multi-channel power amplifiers, from Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity.

"Excellent build quality, massive power reserves, and excellent performance make the Legacy Audio i∙V7 multichannel amplifier a great buy for a top-tier system."

"The i∙V7 does pure power, dynamics, and bass better than pretty much any competitor on the market without sacrificing performance in the midrange or treble. The impressively neutral midrange and detailed, yet still sweet treble response bring music and film soundtracks to life. Musical backgrounds are incredibly quiet, helping the sound to “jump” out at you. The new ICEedge® modules are a noticeable step up from the last generation ICEpower® units."

"I think this technology is the future for surround sound amplifiers. If I were setting up a new home theater surround sound system, I would get this amplifier without hesitation. Well done Legacy!"

Read more from Tyler Stripko's review and John E. Johnson's bench tests here.

View the award here.

Legacy's i·V amplifier series is available in a monoblock through 8 channel configuration. The i∙V7 was additionally awarded a Sound & Vision Top Pick and a Soundstage! Best Sound of Show at the Florida Audio Expo.

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