Legacy Audio unveiled the AERIS speaker system at Rocky Mountain Audiofest, where it received both critical and consumer acclaim.

"Yes, the Whisper is probably more on certain levels, but what I heard here was something new from Legacy. Color me “intrigued” — intrigued enough that I asked Bill for a review pair."

-Scot Hull, Part-Time Audiophile

Best Sound (Highest Value)

"The Legacy Aeris ($16,900) powered by AVM at the top end of my category."

"I was particularly impressed by the Aeris’ ability to play loudly without congestion, the ultra-smooth and musical treble from the dual air-motion transformer tweeter, true subterranean bass extension, and dynamic ease. Sensitivity is a whopping 95dB. The Aeris is a lot of speaker for the money particularly when you consider the built-in bass amplification and DSPeaker room-correction system."

-Robert Harley, Editor, The Absolute Sound

Legacy Aeris in Natural Sapele Pommele finish with Copper front baffle

"As with other Legacy speakers I've heard, the scale was believable with all manner of instruments. Live recordings had the right decay so you feel like you are sitting in on a live performance. AMT tweeters are showing up in lots of speakers these days, but Legacy seems to do it at least a little better than the competition."

-Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

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