"The Legacy V keeps it all flat and clean and perfectly timed, and it sounds just wonderful to me, as fresh as mountain spring water."

"The Legacy "sound" is not at all shy about including a high end that is a little bit in your face, and by that I mean flat. Legacy sets the pace for giving you a high end that is so smooth and so clean that you don't mind it slapping you around a little bit."

"I often wonder if the trend in some circles toward a high end that gradually droops from 1 kHz on up, following some expert's idea of an ideal target curve, is a result of listeners trying to avoid annoying peaks and distortions in lesser-quality speakers."

"Sub and bass sections are powered with 1400 watts of internal power, and the two channels per speaker requiring user amplification are 98 dB/watt efficient, very easy to drive."

"It comes with their new Wavelet processor , including onboard preamp, a four-way crossover with time alignment, complete speaker and room resonance correction (by Bohmer Audio), and a high-end DAC with apodizing ability (to eliminate pre-ringing)."

"Today's top DSP technology is as high-end as anything else you can call high-end in audio, and in the Wavelet processor is just plain invisible, except for its positive effects."

"Frequency response smoothness was awesome and clarity was impeccable."

"Now I can not pass their room without hearing what they (Legacy) have to offer."

-Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack

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