T.H.E. Show Newport 2015 saw the pairing of the Legacy Audio Focus SE (Editors' Choice 2015- 4 Years Running, "The Voice of America" and more ) with PS Audio.

Here, industry legends Arnie Nudell, Robert Harley, and Paul McGowan soak up the sound on the Focus SE with the new PS Audio BHK Signature amps.

In the other room, the flagship Legacy Audio V ( "Best in Show, Stunner", "Technological Tour de Force" and Gold Show Award Winner) representing the height of high performance speaker systems, played to the delight of listeners and press alike- Robert Harley gave it his "Auspicious Debut" designation.

Ron Brenay, Reviewer from New Record Day, remarked "I heard a musical experience I won't forget for many years to come." Watch the video here.

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