Legacy has assembled another 10 recommended tracks for you as we transition from the winter months!

This wide variety of suggested tracks has something for everyone...

1. Diggin’ On James Brown- Tower of Power

Looking to wake up and get moving this spring? This track features burning brass, tight punchy kick drum and snare, crisp hi-hat work and a beat that is sure to make you get on up.

2. When I Get My Hands On You- The New Basement Tapes

Here’s a Bob Dylan song like you’ve never heard before. From the album “The New Basement Tapes: Lost On The River”, this song features lost Bob Dylan lyrics set to Marcus Mumford’s (of Mumford and Sons) melody. With excellent production by T Bone Burnett, this recording occurred in the legendary space at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA. This sparsely arranged song is a raw performance (tape hiss and all) that really shines a light on the performers!

3. Gravity- John Mayer

From the Grammy Award winning Continuum album, this song features Mayer teaming up with master drummer Steve Jordan and bassist extraordinaire Pino Palladino. Listen to that snare whack!

4. Ice Age- deadmau5 Remix

This intricate production combines acoustic and electronic sounds to form a complex bed of music underneath the female vocal. The bass bubbles throughout the song as the texture of the track continues to evolve. Fans of modern day electronic music and classical composition alike, shouldn’t miss this one.

5. Grandmama’s Blues- Cyrus Chestnut

Here we have a superbly engineered (and dynamic!) recording with great performances. Listen to the detail on the piano which is expertly recorded from top to bottom. All instruments have their own space and definition.

6. These Days (Live)- Jackson Browne

This live album features the legendary singer/songwriter performing some of his biggest hits. “These Days” finds him giving a candid vocal performance, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. Foot tapping, breathing and guitar string noise is prevalent on this recording. The engineer did a great job of balancing the intimacy of his performance with the size of the crowd listening that day.

7. Morph The Cat- Donald Fagen

This is what happens when expert musicians are expertly recorded and mixed. Deep tight bass, punchy drums, smooth vocals- this track has it all. Everything has its own space and definition while still being punchy.

8. A Song For You- Herbie Hancock feat. Christina Aguilera

The masterful Herbie Hancock performs alongside a full backing orchestra to punctuate Christina Aguilera’s powerful vocal abilities. Listen to the reverb splashes around her vocal and percussion that pans around the stereo field.

9. Hide And Seek- Imogen Heap

Another great example of expertly combining technology with a strong vocal performance. This experimental sounding track expertly weaves between unaffected female vocal and synthesized harmonies. The song was written, produced, performed and recorded by Imogen. The complex reverb tail at the end is worth the listen alone.

10. Thanks To You- Boz Scaggs

The bass note at 1:54 will move some serious air when played on speakers that can reach down to the subterranean level. V, Aeris or any Legacy subwoofer will show it off in all of its glory. Listen to this track, and hear the winter ice melting!