Looking to add some low frequency extension to your music collection?

These tracks cover a variety of musical styles and were picked by Legacy to help evaluate a speaker's low frequency extension and dynamic capability!

1. Flight of the Cosmic Hippo- Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,
2. Dynamic Drums- Damien Kaplan, Legacy Audio Sampler Vol. 1
3. Say It Right- Nelly Furtado
4. Little Neutrino- Klaatu
5. Engines of Creation- Joe Satriani
6. The Longships- Enya
7. Planet Drum- Mickey Hart
8. Boomin' Granny- Beastie Boys
9. Respighi: Pines of Rome [London 410 145-2]. Track 4 at 1:22 and 2:29 features a pure 22Hz tone
10. Saint-Saens: Organ Symphony [Philips 412 619-2]. Track 2 at 9:00 features deep bass down to 16Hz
11. Why So Serious?- Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, The Dark Knight- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Bass drop at 3:25
12. Temptation- Holly Cole, Tom Waits covers
13. Explosions Polka, Ein Straussfest, Track 7, Telarc
14. Hindemith: Organ Works [Argo 417 159-2]. Track 5, at 4 minutes
15. Mendelssohn: Organ Works [Argo 414 420-2]. Track 8
16. Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition [Dorian DOR 90117]. Tracks 5, 15
17. Beethoven: Wellington's Victory/Liszt: Battle of the Huns, Telarc
18. Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky [London 410 164-2]. 25 Hz
19. Reference Recordings HDCD Sampler[RR-S3CD]. Tracks 1,3

And finally, a track to sum up the theme of this list:
20. Bass I Love You- Bassotronics, Bass Mekanik

The Legacy Goliath XD Subwoofer System

This list was assembled to help our customers identify high quality bass tracks. Many of the tracks can be purchased at HDtracks, Amazon, and other music retailers.

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