Legacy Audio was thrilled to return to the Renaissance Schaumburg for AXPONA 2022. Earning the Gold Show Award for Best Sound from AVShowrooms.com, Legacy demoed four systems throughout the Utopia A ballroom.

“It was great to see Legacy Audio at AXPONA with a full presentation of their line. The newest addition to the Legacy Audio family is the Signature XD, shown in a rich brown walnut finish. An updated active version of the longstanding Signature SE model. The new XD version comes with 650 watts of onboard amplification (per speaker) that can be assigned to either power an entire speaker or just the bass section, allowing the use of an external amp to power the mids and tweeter. Beautiful looks and sound!” – Carlo LoRaso, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Alternating with the Legacy Aeris, shown in Cabernet/Black Pearl finish, both were paired with the new Wavelet II processor.

Photo: Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

“They are so far ahead in the loudspeaker design game that most speaker manufacturers are playing catch-up to designs that Legacy has had available for years now. I had an opportunity to hear each of these systems, and they all had the detailed, smooth sound yet with a punchy, full-bodied bass that we have become accustomed to with Legacy products. There are many ingredients they use to achieve this in their loudspeaker design, including an active bass section and, in their higher-end offerings, tightly controlled directivity with a higher ratio of late to early acoustic reflections than how typical speakers perform." James Larson of Audioholics.com

Photo: Audioholics.com

The main system featured Legacy Audio's flagship VALOR system, paired with i.V2 amplifier and Wavelet II processor, as recently reviewed by Anthony Cordesman in The Absolute Sound.

“Dudleston brought his heaviest artillery to System A. This large system produced large scale music, personified by a smooth, even sensibility that made listening to vinyl from Johnny Hodges to Lucinda Williams sound sweet and relaxed.”- Ken Micaleff, Stereophile.com

"Legacy demonstrated the effects of their room correction algorithm by switching it on and off in the middle of several types of music. One thing that I noticed right away was that the bass tightened up considerably with the room correction on. It was an impressive improvement, and it certainly made the case for itself. For all the expensive tweaks that audiophiles will do for the sake of an improved sound, this was one of the few that actually had an immediate and obvious effect on the sound.” -James Larson, Audioholics.com

Alternating with the powered Calibre XD monitors, shown in Black Pearl finish, "A set of Focus SE towers were also punching well above their pay grade in my opinion. Power supporting all of this was the Legacy i.V2 solid-state stereo unit featuring ICEedge® technology. All in all, a fine example of ever-evolving electronics and loudspeakers from the hands and minds of our home folks.” Chuck Bruce, EnjoytheMusic.com

Photo: Stereophile.com

Also on hand for demonstration were the Studio HD bookshelf speakers and Powerbloc amplifiers. Friday afternoon, show goers were also able to attend the "Legends of High-End Audio" seminar hosted by Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound. Legacy's Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, was featured as they discussed their backgrounds and the state of high-end audio today.

Thank you to those who attended. It was great to see your faces, both new and familiar, at the show!

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