At Capital Audio Fest 2022 “Now Listen Here brought a pair of Legacy Audio Aeris floor-standing speakers and Wavelet II processor/DAC/pre-amp ($27,792 for speakers and Wavelet II), a Bel Canto Black EX Power amp ($10,500) and an Innuos ZENmini server ($2498).

“At under $40,000 for the entire system, the Legacy Aeris impressed with a full range sound in a large room. As was common in many of the systems, a sampling of tracks featuring acoustic guitar, violin, live percussion, and brass were featured, and the big Legacies never flinched. Legacy has built a reputation for delivering speakers that look and sound more expensive than they are, and the Aeris are no exception.” Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Take a tour of the Montgomery room with Carlo Lo Raso of Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity as he talks to Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, about Legacy’s latest developments including the new Wavelet II processor.

Capital Audiofest 2022 Show Report - Legacy Audio

A “definite improvement in clarity and transparency” was noticeable as Bill demonstrated the capabilities of the Wavelet II’s Omnio® technology.

The Legacy Audio / NowListenHere room was named among the Best Rooms at Capital Audiofest 2022 by

“Legacy Audio can be always counted on for an appearance at the show and this year was no exception. The Aeris produced very large, gorgeous sound, a midrange to die for, and tight bass on a variety of tracks, including Poncho Sanchez’ “Mon Pa Mon Po,” from the album Conga Blue. I can’t think of higher praise than to state that I’ve have never heard Legacy’s speakers sound anything but stellar, even at shows where getting even good sound is often challenging.” Howard Kneller, TheListeningChair

“Playing an Eric Dolphy track I didn't recognize, the system's gorgeous highs were well-defined and non-fatiguing. Bass extension was impressive. Similar traits were noted on a John Mayer/Herbie Hancock tune”. – Ken Micallef

"These are the clearest speakers I've heard at the show," said attendee Bryan Recapito, from northern Virginia. "Unbelievably clear." Coverage

Thanks to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed what you heard!

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