"In the end, I can put it very simply: although they will impress your friends, these speakers are not about that; they’re about making music. Regardless of the type of music, volume levels, or any other obvious fac­tor, the Whispers put performers making music on a stage and let them play. That pretty well covers it, and it’s the highest praise I can think of for any speaker.

Value and Recommendation: All right, it’s dif­ficult to refer to a pair of speakers whose cost approaches that of an entry level car as “$ensible.” If you can budget this kind of money for speakers, the value proposition can be argued simply in physical terms: many high-quality drivers, wonderful wood­working, lots of poundage. More importantly, though, the sound from the Whispers is uniquely good. Anyone auditioning speakers near or above this price level simply must hear the Whispers."

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