"Tell you what. I’d put the Whisper XD’s up against any Wilson or Focal, I’ve heard them all. I’d take the Whispers."

"The sound is big and extremely full from top to bottom, but never exaggerated or out of scale. Where other fine speakers have throw an immense soundstage, there has never been one as fleshed out as this."

"It is our opinion, and that of many show goers and other industry professionals that the Legacy Whisper XD in terms of build quality, versatility, technology and overall sound quality competes with speakers that are far more costly."

"...if you love music of any genre and want to hear it about as well as it can be reproduced, you should seek out the Legacy Whisper XD’s."

"But what about the wife factor? Surely a huge tower with lots of drivers peering out at you (though there is a grill that covers them that we never used) would not be the most conducive to the female factor. “The Whispers are my favorite speaker!”, Linda exclaimed after the second multi-hour listening session. But they’re so big... “I don’t care…they sound so incredible and I can hear everything perfectly no matter where I sit! They sound so full and realistic….I just love listening to them”.

"We don't know of any other speaker at or near this price point that gives you so much."


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