"The Legacy Whisper DSW is the blending and extending of two proven models of the Whisper speaker system, the HD and XD. ...To be sure the Whisper DSW is not your normal high grade HiFi speaker – it’s more advanced...it melds some of the best qualities of dynamic and planar speakers. It breaks the mold of what is possible, crosses the line of traditional system setup, and reaches audio reproduction heights typical of super-speakers... I am endlessly amazed by the high degree of coherence between such radically diverse sets of drivers...

I thought I would never hear another speaker which could move me emotionally as the Helix, but along came the DSW and I’m forced to reconsider. ...I’m thrilled by the speaker’s agility. Experiencing it is like gawking at an elite athlete’s reaction time, a quickness which is quite rare.

...The Whisper DSW is a music lover’s dream, its sound quality is an audiophile’s dream, and its flexibility is a tweaker’s dream."


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