"Whisper is not merely an evolutionary refinement in the state-of-the-art, but is in fact a revolutionary quantum leap forward. A speaker that can do the things the Whisper does, as well as the Whisper does them, by definition is the State­of-the-Art.

In the ensuing two decades I’ve had the opportuni­ty to audition scores of speakers in friends’ and cus­tomers’ homes. I’ve been herded from room to room at high-end shows. I’ve made countless weekend pil­grimages to my local stereo dealers for demonstra­tions. But I’ve never heard a speaker even begin to do what the Whisper does. It’s the first speaker I’m aware of whose design addresses every major problem encountered in recreating music in the home. Based on my listening sessions with the Whispers, I believe Bill Dudleston has for the first time identified these problems and, more importantly, engi­neered unique solutions to overcome them."

Read the full review here (PDF).


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