"Good professionals have chosen this brand."

"You quickly understand why it’s the speaker of choice for many highly regarded artists and sound engineers. The sound does not tire or fatigue. No matter how many hours you have them running. Good listeners know what I’m talking about."

"My room is 30m2 in a slightly rectangular shape. It is not a treated room, but a real one, where I live with my wife every day."

"The electric guitars sound in such a way, that it is hard to believe that you don’t have them in front of you. The presence is of such magnitude, that you completely lose the reference of the speakers to live the sensation that is to feel the entire front wall where the sounds emerge to you, just for you. I don’t know how to say it, if I had had one drink too many, maybe I would get up from the sofa, to correct some note on the strings. I repeat, it doesn’t make sense, and surely Eric Clapton doesn’t remember, although he has been in my house with his The Definitive 24 Nights."

The Dual AMT & dual 7" Silver/Graphite midranges of the Legacy Focus SE, shown in Black Oak finish

"With song choice I went crazy, and once explained you understand why. I’m talking about “Angie” from The Rolling Stones. In two different versions, the original studio Goats Head Soup and the live concert version of Totally Stripped- Amsterdam. In the first, the clarity of Jagger’s voice, with all of his vocal nuances, comes through with surgical clarity. The sound is of a band performing in front of you, with all its members facing you. This is a sweet version and brings out the most natural of its sound in the speakers."

"Immediately afterwards we go on to the concert version and all of the above goes to waste…for the better, no; for excellent. You come out of an internal world, self-absorbed; and move to the central part of a concert….where Jagger’s voice is the amplified voice, not the one he emits, but the one you hear in a concert. You clearly hear the room bounces, the ambiance, the frequency excursions, the rear ambiance columns."

"If your only premise is the sound and its quality, you should listen to these speakers before making a purchase decision."

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