"The craftsmanship is outstanding: the HD is finished on all outside surfaces, and the drivers are nicely recessed so that their frames lie flush with the front baffle."

"...once you hear it, you’ll know you’re listening to something special."

"Legacy Audio’s Studio HD appeals to both the heart and the head. Its truth of timbre helped the pair of them to convey the raw emotion of music when it was there, a quality shared by the Aperions. The Studio HDs, however, are in an entirely different realm when it comes to conveying information that satisfies the intellect. Never once did I find the Legacys fatiguing, or the information they presented distracting. Instead, they took me places I’d never been before. I enjoyed the ride every step of the way."

"I put on the Casino Royale soundtrack (CD, Varèse Sarabande 302 066 409 2) and sat back, waiting for Dusty Springfield to appear in my listening room and purr “The Look of Love.” I’ve played this recording at least a hundred times, and Dusty has always been in the room with me. Not this time. Oh, Dusty was still Dusty, and her performance was without equal, but it was obvious where she was: a recording studio. I’d always imagined she’d recorded this track in a studio (where else?), but for the first time, I could plainly hear the space she was singing in."

The HD removed veils and dug up information from the mix that I had not known existed. In this case the speaker gave me a veritable guided tour of this track’s upper-octave percussion; the ability to clearly hear both a hi-hat and the previously missing tambourine, fully differentiated and played at the same time, put a big smile on my face. The change in sound was at least as dramatic when I played Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige (CD, Columbia/Legacy CK 65566). The solo brass instruments were pulled farther forward out of the mix than I’d heard before, while the rhythm section was more recessed. The details that I know I heard included the individual chuffs of the mouthpiece sounds from the reed and brass players.

"And if you love the acoustic piano, you should definitely give the Studio HD a listen. Never before had I heard a loudspeaker breathe so much life into the instrument"

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