Legacy Wavelet "Sharpened Images Up Considerably... with Clarity, Precision & Detail"

"With the (Wavelet) correction on, there was an overall increased sense of precision in playback with my speaker system. Perceived images of performers and instruments became more clear in space with main vocals being the most obvious beneficiary of the processing."

Photos: Carlo Lo Raso, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

"For example, without correction I would have a pretty good idea that the main singer’s image was placed in the center between the speakers. Now, when the correction became active, images sharpened up considerably and I felt as though I could almost draw an outline of exactly where the singer was."

"The fact that all the (Wavelet) digital processing and speaker correction was claimed to be done at a 96kHz sampling rate (most other systems down sample higher resolution content to 48kHz) surprised and impressed me. All internal processing, including the speaker/room correction, is done with a bit depth of 56 bits, which is very rare to see in a consumer oriented product. It also provides abundant resolution for the digital portion of the volume control to work with."

"In regards to the quality of the Wavelet’s analog inputs, I found them to be quite good sounding with either an analog signal from my OPPO player (normally connected digitally through SPDIF) or my turntable. The extra A-D conversion before signal processing did not noticeably hinder the sound quality to me at any point."

"Additionally, the bass output from my subwoofers had been significantly tightened. There was a lot less reverberation brought on from the room and much more precision."

"Switching to analog and vinyl, the Legacy Wavelet did not miss a beat. Wavelet seems to do an excellent job handling these various components cleanly, without losing any of the recorded set’s atmosphere. Switching the Bohmer speaker correction off made Mrs. Gilberto’s vocals seem more diffuse and the backing guitar and bass became less in focus. Toggling the correction back on caused everything to immediately snap back into place, with a notably tighter focus."

"The Wavelet’s processing kept all the detail from each of the instruments discernable but also allowed space, if you will, between them so that the imaging and sonics didn’t just become jumbled together. Carmen Lundy’s lush vocals on the track, “Round Midnight” stood out clearly and imaged precisely thanks to the Wavelet’s chops, with the surrounding string sections encompassing her voice like gentle wings, each feather (or instrument) clearly delineated."

"Clarity, precision and detail without sterility are the Legacy’s calling cards here."

Learn more about the award winning Legacy Wavelet, here.

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