“…if ever a speaker can be described as sounding bigger than it looked, this little Legacy earns that label.”

On the Legacy Studio HD, ($1,800) “Holly Cole is as believably Holly with these as she is with my reference VR5SEs…” ($25,000 Von Schweikert speakers)

The Legacy Studio HD's “...size belies the sheer heft of these beautifully finished speakers. The dual binding posts on the rear are as solid as I’ve seen on any speaker and, as expected with Legacy, the rosewood-finished cabinets are a tactile and visual pleasure. While looks are no substitute for sonics, they certainly contribute to pride of ownership and one imagines the speakers will slide easily into most domestic set-ups without disturbing the peace.”

"Taken as a package, these combined qualities may make you wonder how more expensive speakers justify their price tags.

Nuances I’d detected on more expensive speakers, such as the cymbal interplay on Tord Gustavsen Trio’s Being There, were not lost on the Studios, creating the impression for me at least that in some ways, the speakers are the equal of far more expensive models I’ve heard."

"...a very lively, realistic soundstage that is beyond the physical size of their cabinets."

"Larry Coryell’s Shining Star is fast, spacey, driven by snappy, busy percussion and lively bass, and full of atmospheric touches, Coryell producing a stream of great solos throughout. The Studios deliver that wide soundstage and energetic, pulsing space from which the lyrical guitar lines emerge. Vocals too sound realistic and present, floating totally free of the speakers. Articulation here is excellent, with the Studios making it easy to understand the words of singers than many other speakers I’ve heard, a sure test of quality."

On Legacy Value Over Time

Mr. Dillon speaks about owning an original pair of Legacy speakers- Signature III which he "...kept for 8 very happy years before selling them on to the first person who responded to my advertisement. He literally came round with his girlfriend, listened to them for 20 minutes before making me an offer that was in line with what I was asking and a pretty good chunk of my original cost. How many audio purchases can you say this about?"

"I’ve admired and owned Legacy speakers so I am happy the company continues to deliver, in its own inimitable way, a full range of offerings for audiophiles."

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