"While fully capable in the home theater, the Metro seems to be a thoroughbred musical subwoofer, born and bred to reproduce musical bass as the artist intended. When paired with a capable pair of floor standing speakers or perhaps even better some bookshelves or monitors, the Metro can fill out the bottom end while blending almost completely; delivering an experience I’ve rarely matched outside of monolithic towers like Legacy’s FOCUS SE."

"Even Legacy’s smallest offering, the Studio HD features drivers of a quality you rarely see in a monitor today. I was first introduced to Legacy Audio sonically when Bill Dudleston sent me a pair of FOCUS SE speakers for review last year. Suffice to say, I was forever changed by that experience. The simple experience of listening to the FOCUS SE was enough to give me a new benchmark by which I now measure full range speakers.

The Metro – for its part, disappeared into the recording, reproducing tympani, conga and many drums I could never hope to name with aplomb.

I have to admit is one of the most gorgeous cabinets I have seen in a subwoofer."

Legacy Metro XD in Standard Natural Cherry finish

"I was extremely impressed – it maintained its composure while digging deep and best of all, the densely packed bass line retained its integrity."

"Simply put this is a subwoofer that owns every piece of music it is asked to reproduce, without exception."

"The cabinetry is beautiful, the veneer is flawless, and the overall build quality is second to none as I have witnessed in every Legacy Audio product I have reviewed."


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