"I am reminded of the Wilson Audio Sophia and I get the impression that Signature SE performs at an even higher level. The Signature SE has no restrictions- creating a wall of sound is a piece of cake for them. It doesn't matter if the sound is microscopic or maximum. They handle it with equal ease."

"Legacy does something different: they release the natural energy of music. I would choose not the Wilson ($16,700), but Legacy ($7,795)."

"I wonder how it happened that I only listened to Legacy after three decades of my "career". How could I miss something like this? Signature SE forced me to re-evaluate the ranking that I have been thinking for years and each subsequent listening confirmed my belief that I am dealing with outstanding speakers."

"A lot of attention was paid to the careful damping of the interior. The cabinet joinery is solid and precise."

"If you are looking for sound without compromise. Why waste time on a hundred speakers along the way when you can hit the bullseye right away? Signature SE stands out in its class and it will be difficult to find something better, even at double the price."

"The sealed design of the Signature SE is comfortable, even in small rooms and gives a great freedom of seating while allowing them to be placed against the rear wall."

"Legacy woofers use Neodymium magnets which are very strong and very expensive. This type of drive is mainly found in tweeters- it is very rare to find in in large woofers, because of the cost."

Legacy Signature SE in Premium Rosewood finish

"When playing symphonic music, Legacy takes a step that only the very best can: they disappear. We stop feeling the presence of any equipment and the orchestra breathes fully, while also charming with its subtlety and delicacy."

"The Legacy dual AMT creates a spectacle that forced me into my armchair... if I had to change the speakers, I would choose not Wilson ($16,700), but ($7,795) Legacy. Mid and upper range is the best I've heard, including electrostatics. The Signature SE is world class."

"While beryllium and ceramic domes also sound great, and the electrostat has its advantages, the Legacy dual AMT carries something magical and at the same time, real. The height of the space is additionally emphasized by the location of the AMT- even when sitting on a high couch, you will have it over your head. The result is not a small improvement but a jump of several classes. The Legacy AMT is apparently the most perfect choice- nothing more, nothing less."

"The Signature SE treble is the best I've heard in my life. This statement will probably apply to all higher Legacy models. They are as good as models costing 10 times more expensive. MBL presented similar aesthetics."

"Imagine you have a system that removes the proverbial blanket from the speakers. "Realism" is probably the best word to summarize the listening experience."

Product of the Year Award

"You can spend another $100,000, but will the difference be worth it? Fortunately, you won't spend much on Legacy, especially compared to the previously mentioned Wilson Sophia. Everything that happens from the midrange up is better in Legacy. The bottom is comparable. The Signature SE are more accurate."

"I don't know how Bill Dudleston did it, but these speakers are beautifully musical across ALL listening levels, and you can hear everything on them. This ability is amazing.
And this is actually the end, because I can mention more advantages, but I do not see a single disadvantage. I have respect for statements like the good reviewer always has to "find something", but I can mention even more even advantages and I do not see a single disadvantage."

"In conclusion, Legacy is a revelation."

Learn more about the Signature SE, and its bigger brother, the 2020 Editors' Choice Focus SE, here.

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