Classic HD: "A Spectacular set of speakers for two-channel music."

“Very few speakers can reveal the emotional underpinning of a song, without revealing their presence in some subtle way. The Classic HDs are quite amazing in the way they can bring you under their spell.”

"I found each listening session with the Legacy Classic HD system to be nothing short of addictively energizing. The Classic HD system is a true work of art, one that is beautiful in both looks and sound.”

“The Classic HDs, with the Metro sub providing a substantial underpinning, were dynamic and powerful in re-creating the sound of 6,000 cattle hooves, a dozen or so horses’ hooves, and the heavy pounding of drums in the accompanying score. The power of it all easily threatened to carry me out of the room; yet, in the midst of the bovine frenzy, the coordinating calls (of the actors) were carefully layered on top of the din by the classic HDs and the Silverscreen HD center- thanks to the easygoing, open-sounding nature of Legacy Audio’s tweeter and the dynamic characteristics of the cone drivers.”

The surround system “delivers an experience that’s beyond the price in dollars.”

In addition to earning a 5 star performance ranking, the Legacy Surround System received the coveted Home Theater Top Picks Award.

"The Decos pulled the same sonic disappearing act that the Silverscreen HD did in terms of blending in and creating one large acoustic space around amazing extension of the speakers in the front of the room. I was impressed that the dispersion pattern of the Decos sounded surprisingly wide.”

The Metro sub “was a perfect extension for the towers, adding depth to the Classic HDs’ already significant bass output; and, whether it was with music or a sound effect, the speaker/sub combination always came across as one complete whole.”

“The Legacy system was excellent at re-creating the scene’s smallest (and largest) audible elements... every detail, including the breeze, forms a wide and seamless wall of sound.”

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