Legacy Classic HD “Doesn’t Take Shortcuts- They Create Musical Reality at the Highest Level.”

The Legacy Classic HD is the 2020 Recommendation at Polish High End Reviewer- Hi-fi and Music.

"These speakers are really impressive"

"Powerful magnetic systems, cast baskets with wide flanges, bolted with large bolts, are an example of the solidity in American construction, increasingly replaced by Far East mediocrity."

"Legacy creates a musical reality in an extremely realistic way, and all the key elements that make up the sound associated with high-end - space, dynamics, arrangement of depth in the sound field - are at the highest level here."

"The sound has the right volume and mass. It is lively and, what I value most in the equipment, extremely engaging."

"The bass is fast, compact and agile, and at the same time superbly varied in color."

Legacy Classic HD in Standard Walnut finish. Photo by HiFi i Muzyka

"The icing on the cake is of course the Legacy AMT tweeter, one of the Legacy hallmarks. The advantages of this solution are numerous: low distortion, more power and much better impulse transmission than conventional soft dome tweeters."

"A nice surprise awaits behind the speaker- Not only are the rhodium plated terminals of excellent quality, comfortable to use and accept any type of cable terminations, they have also been doubled, enabling optional bi-amping or bi-wiring. They were connected not, as it often happens, with pieces of cable, but with elegant flat jumpers, covered in insulation with the Legacy name. Bravo!"

"Thanks to the angled cabinetry, you don't have to worry about the damaging effects of standing waves on the clarity of sound."

"The longer I listened to the Classic HD's, the more I came to the conclusion that although they are intended for home use, there is a lot of studio musical spirit in them. All in all, it's hardly surprising - Legacy has models in use at recording studios, and works with such giants as Sony and Universal."

"Comparing the Legacy Classic HD with my two-way Dynaudio Contour 1.8, the difference in quality is colossal! Thanks to the bass-reflex system, the Legacy maintained resolution and timbre."

"The perspective of depth seemed endless, emphasizing the extraordinary spatiality of the recording. The Legacy not only differentiated depth in the sound field, but also showed the difference in height between choir groups, soloists and instrumentalists."

"What's more, the three-dimensionality of the presentation turned out to be completely insensitive to the position of the speakers, their bending angle or distance from the listener."

Legacy “Doesn’t Take Shortcuts- They Create Musical Reality at the Highest Level.”

The Classic HD is awarded the 2020 Recommendation.

Learn more about the Classic HD, here.

"These speakers are really impressive."

Photos courtesy Hi-Fi i Muzyka

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