"Legacy Calibre is Stunningly Great & So Much Fun To Listen To!"- Review Part 2

Jack at The Audio Beatnik dives deeper in the conclusion of his 2 part review... "The Calibre produced the kind of imaging and soundstage specificity I expect from a world-class mini-monitor but with a wonderfully voluptuous sound."

"They have dynamics, scale, and slam that I was thrilled to hear. I know as reviewers we often say that certain monitors sound big, but the Calibres really do; they sound big and very powerful. Note, I did not say for their size; the bass is outstanding for a speaker of any size."

"These speakers are about experiencing the music and fun. They will rock better than most floor-standing speakers."

"They had an ability to produce a reach-out-and-touch-me soundstage like I had never heard before or since in my house."

"The 4-inch AMT tweeter was very transparent and detailed without being edgy or harsh. The superb top-end has some great benefits. To start with, it enables the treble of instruments to sound very beautiful with natural air around strings and horns. It has been my experience that a well-extended top-end also helps with the spatial cues of instruments and voices."

Legacy Calibre in Exotic Cabernet & Black Pearl finish

"The bottom-end was quick, fast, nimble and very accurate. These qualities allowed the bass transients in the lower range to have details seldom heard other than in live music. Their leading edge was as good as I have heard from any speaker, and they have wonderful bloom, air and decay when playing bass instruments."

"Wasserman’s bass sounded lifelike with quick fingering, beautiful bowing and wonderful tone. It was not only the bass that sounded better. Cheryl Bentyne’s voice on “Angel Eyes” was as dynamic and voluptuous as I have ever heard it from a multi-driver speaker with a crossover, which covers probably 99% of all commercially available speakers."

"I was impressed by the beautiful tonal colors I heard. Calibre play music with an amazingly organic and tuneful sound."

"The female vocal is simply luscious, and the woodwinds, guitars and drums all sound beautiful and very much like real voices and instruments sound."

"The scale of the instruments and the power of the performance was amazingly life-size and lifelike."

"Legacy Audio Calibre Speakers are simply outstanding and most of all, they are so much fun to listen to!"

"You get an extremely musically involving and satisfying speaker. It’s not just a great speaker for its size, it’s a stunningly great speaker and, if not a great bargain, it is an incredible value.

"I could not recommend a speaker more highly for a two-channel stereo system or a home theater system."

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