"By maintaining a radiation angle of less than 90 degrees at all frequencies, Whisper minimizes early reflections and properly shadows the head to preserve stereo information. Whisper provides greater separation in your listening room, up to three times the mere 2 dB of typical high-end speakers."

"Whisper is precisely the kind of speaker that does allow you to lose yourself in the music, and it too is a major success. It is an exceptionally clean speaker, not just in detail resolution, but in reproducing dynamics and subtle changes. It has exceptional air and life, with a touch of hornlike energy and excitement. Add its slight warmth—similar to what you hear in the best tube amplifiers—and you have the kind of speaker that lets the music take front stage. You don’t have to think about what the Whispers are doing to the music, or compensate, consciously or unconsciously. You just enjoy the result."

"You have to really listen to them to understand just how involving they are, but if you make the effort, they will overcome your doubts and prejudices as they did mine. A great speaker..."

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